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NoDDoS를 통해 서버를 운영하시는 고객에게 서버운영에 대한 다양한 부가서비스를 지원해 드리고 있습니다.

Real-time data backup

Importance of data backup

The backup service is a service that periodically copies the data of the customer's server in case the important data can be deleted / lost due to a hacking attack or a defect of the hard disk or a user's mistake. It is a necessary way to recover if data is corrupted.

NoDDoS Backup service

Local and remote backups are supported.

Local backup - Mirroring the original using a separate HDD enables quick recovery in case of failure.
- Various OS is supported.
- Supports engineer's backup status monitoring at server management agency level.
- You can schedule backups according to customer's time.
Remote backup - Keeps data on remote server, and if data corruption occurs on actual production server, proceed to recovery.
- Various OS is supported.
- You can check the status of your backup through the delivery panel.
- We keep up to 7 days of data retention.
- Remote backup storage is operated in Tera-byte class and keep backup data securely.

Korea's best TCP defense

80 GB

Deploy and run the 80 Giga GRR+TCP 80 Giga Defense System.

Global Business

5 places

IDC Center operated by USJapane hongkongoongKongChinese, etc., in addition to Korea.

DDoS Defense security zone

Max 3lv

Provides up to 3 levels of defense against DDoS attacks

Defense equipmentsolution


We don't leave it to the agency ; it's managed by our engineers.