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Through NoDDoS, we provide various additional services for server operation to our customers.

service info

Co-location - We will help you to operate your server in the optimal environment.

It is a service that the customer's own server is entrusted and managed, and rents space that can directly operate the line and the upper surface. In order to support the optimal server operating environment, IDC, which is based on the latest facilities, provides consulting services tailored to the type of servers and operating services.

Service Features

IDC Center is located in Gangnam / Bundang / Gasan, and provides 365-day technical support through the System Operations team and professional engineers.
It provides a reliable environment for servers with strict protection against heat, noise, vibration, and external intrusion.


Reliable IDC facility

Constant temperature and humidity, and uninterruptible power supply, so that the server can always operate at its best.


Provide optimized facilities

Basically, we use SECURED RACK to provide the best facilities for our customers.


Enhanced Security Zones

It is separated by a cage to prevent access to the outside, providing a space that will not inconvenience customers.

Rack space Provided services

A service that provides space for mounting the server. We provide stable power supply, defense against external risks and physical security. 1U, 2U, 4U as well as in units of racks are available.

1U 2U 4U
DDoS defense cost: Separate [Contact us 24 hours : 82-2-711-6101]

Difference between server hosting and own server through IDC

Using co-location differs in many ways from the fact that the customer manages the server operation room directly. Having professional staff and professional equipments is more effective in reducing the stability of service and operating cost.

Support Type Co-location Build server room
Installation Space offer Separate building required
Thermo-hygrostat offer Separate building required
Uninterruptible power system offer Separate building required
Network management system offer Separate building required
operator No Self-employed personnel required
Maximum connection speed 10M ~ Hundreds Gbps E1*n, T1*n, 1G, 2.5G
Private Internet line for service offer Separate building required
Electricity bill cut down the money Separate payment procedure required

Korea's best TCP defense

80 GB

Deploy and run the 80 Giga GRR+TCP 80 Giga Defense System.

Global Business

5 places

IDC Center operated by USJapane hongkongoongKongChinese, etc., in addition to Korea.

DDoS Defense security zone

Max 3lv

Provides up to 3 levels of defense against DDoS attacks

Defense equipmentsolution


We don't leave it to the agency ; it's managed by our engineers.