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NGDC-Encloud 24 Strategic Alliance for NCloud DDoS Defense Services

Interproduction/ 2017.12.21

'NGDC' and 'Weldata Systems' have a strategic alliance.

[end] short-term promotion

Server hosting/security / 2017.12.01 ~ 2017.12.31[end]

Customer Audit Event Promotion was conducted.

[end] Fall Event 2017

Server hosting/security / 2017.09.18 ~ end

Autumn is celebrated and seasonal special discount event is carried out.

[end] Special Audit Events

Server hosting/security / 2017.09.18 ~ end

New Year's Eve, Customer Audit Discount Event.

Please note that events / promotions may expire quickly due to inventory exhaustion regardless of schedule.

Korea's best TCP defense

80 GB

Deploy and run the 80 Giga GRR+TCP 80 Giga Defense System.

Global Business

5 places

IDC Center operated by USJapane hongkongoongKongChinese, etc., in addition to Korea.

DDoS Defense security zone

Max 3lv

Provides up to 3 levels of defense against DDoS attacks

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