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Server Hosting

NoDDoS is responding to DDoS attacks by developing advanced technology and security equipment.

service info

service information

It is a server that uses independent server resources with super administrator (root) privilege by building independent stand-alone server with customer's specification and environment. Our server hosting is not just a server / network, but a firewall, web DNS, web mail, network usage, We provide various additional services such as technical support to maximize customer service.

Customers who use server hosting

- Customers who have trouble with IT business due to system related expertise
- Customers who are burdened with servers and network and additional services
- Customers who need more reliable service due to scale
- Customers who require a single mail server and a large number of image servers with security issues
- Customers who need line expansion due to high volume of data and traffic growth
- Customers who need to change their hosting services due to an increase in the size of their active sites and increase in users



KT IDC Gangnam


KT IDC Bundang

구로 LG U+ IDC

LG U+ IDC Gasan

Why Should NoDDOS Host Server?

- 1Gbps per basic line, with different server hosting options to suit your specific needs.
- Operate for your customers to keep their business in top shape with fast installation and failover capabilities.
- If necessary, we can also help you move to the DDOS security zone or use a bypass defense service to help you protect against DDOS defense.

NoDDOS server hosting feature

Hosting Servers Powered by a Trusted IDC

We provide validated network environments, such as Gangnam, Bundang KT, and Gasan LGU+ IDC.

One Time Service

24-hour residency for professional engineers and consultants eliminates worries about equipment, networks and technical support.

Provide a reliable operating environment

It provides optimal operating environment with a complete security system and hot-temperature and humidity system.

Always / Custom Consulting

We provide optimized consulting for game, development, web service, shopping mall.

Built-in services

The basic services provided for DDoS security zones and server hosting in general zones are the same.
For more information, please refer to DDoS Security Zone> Provided Services page or contact Customer Center.

Managed Services When a server is operated, it is a service that a professional engineer manages a server without having a server manager separately. We do not only build the server, but also manage all necessary operations such as operation and maintenance.
Basic Web Firewall Service NODDS supports open-source based firewall service. It is simple to install and easy to manage, but it is also the foundation for server security. (Windows / Linux)
Traffic monitoring For each server, the information about the amount of data used is divided into the average time and converted to MRTG. If you monitor your server with real-time graph, you can check the server inflow and problem.
Free DNS service A DNS (name server) connects the domain address to the actual IP address. This is the most important task when adding a server or adding a new domain, but be careful because it hinders the operation of your website when you make a mistake.
OS and program installation support Even if you are not a professional system developer, we support OS and program installation so that you can build the system early. NoDDoS A professional engineer will help you with installation, setting and optimization.
Windows automatic update Upgrading the OS version is not only convenient, but also a hacking and security effort. Version upgrades and security patch updates are kept up-to-date.

Korea's best TCP defense

80 GB

Deploy and run the 80 Giga GRR+TCP 80 Giga Defense System.

Global Business

5 places

IDC Center operated by USJapane hongkongoongKongChinese, etc., in addition to Korea.

DDoS Defense security zone

Max 3lv

Provides up to 3 levels of defense against DDoS attacks

Defense equipmentsolution


We don't leave it to the agency ; it's managed by our engineers.